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BBCOR (-3)

BBCOR (2012 - now) versus BESR (until 2012)
Because of the increasing number of homeruns on US collegiate level, it was decided by the NCAA that aluminum and composite baseball bats needed to perform more like wooden bats. Thus making it more difficult to hit homeruns.

BBCOR and BESR are both methods of testing and scoring a bats performance.  BESR stands for Ball Exit Speed Ratio and BBCOR stands for Bat-Ball Coefficient of Restitution. The tests are actually very similar. The primary difference is the calculation used to determine the “score”. Simply changing to the BBCOR system did not require a change to the design of the bats.

BBCOR bats are lower performing than most of the old BESR bats, right? 
Yes, in general that is true. More important than the test method is the maximum allowable “score” established on either scale by the associations. In the case of BBCOR, a maximum score of 0.5 is allowed for high school bats beginning in 2012.  If you “converted” the old BESR limits to a BBCOR value, they would be higher than 0.5. For an everyday example, consider driving speed limits.
We can measure highway speeds using both Miles per Hour (mph) or Kilometers per Hour (kph). Most cars have both scales on the speedometer. Let’s say the speed limit on your local highway is posted at 65 mph. Then let’s suppose your local government changes the posted limit to 104 kph. Guess what? No big deal because 104 kph is roughly equal to 65 mph. But, what if they changed from 65 mph to 80 kph? Well, you would have to slow down because the new limit not only uses a different scale, but also has a lower relative value. The new 0.5 limit chosen on the BBCOR scale was low enough that most bats had to be redesigned.

BBCOR bat technology has improved dramatically over the last few years.
Bats have much more 'pop' and even the younger players can hit hard line drives nowadays.

Still, there is a market for BESR bats in countries where the BBCOR rule is not mandatory. In Europe for instance there is no rule against using BESR bats.
Because the production of BESR (-3 and -4 bats) has stopped, it is hard to get them. Old favorites are especially hard to get or are only available at a very steep price.

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